KDEL Receptor antibody

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KDEL Receptor antibody

KDEL Receptor antibody

Catalog Number: orb147079

Catalog Numberorb147079
DescriptionMouse monoclonal to KDEL R (PerCP). The endoplasmic reticulum is part of a protein sorting pathway, or in essence, the transportation system of the eukaryotic cell. The majority of endoplasmic reticulum resident proteins are retained in the endoplasmic reticulum through a retention motif. This motif is composed of four amino acids at the C-terminal end of the protein sequence. The most common retention sequence is KDEL (lys-asp-glu-leu). However, variation on KDEL does occur and other sequences can also give rise to endoplasmic reticulum retention. There are three KDEL receptors in mammalian cells, all have a very high degree of sequence identity; and all are located within the cis-Golgi and its intermediate compartments. In terms of function, KDEL receptors interact with GAP (GTPase-activating protein) of ARF1, which is involved in COPI dependent vesicle transport, and the KDEL receptor may also be responsible for the recruitment of this ARF1 to membranes which can then aid in the regulation of vesicle budding. It is also important to note that the KDEL receptor exhibits extensive sequence identity o yeast protein Erd2p, which is a receptor for the yeast ER retention signal.
Clone NumberKR-10
Tested applicationsICC, IHC, IP, WB
ReactivityBovine, Canine, Drosophila, Frog, Gallus, Hamster, Human, Monkey, Mouse, Porcine, Rabbit, Rat, Sheep
ImmunogenA 21 residue synthetic peptide (amino acids 192-212) based on the bovine KDEL receptor and the peptide coupled to KLH
Concentration1 mg/ml
Dilution rangeWB (1:1000), ICC/IF (1:1000)
TargetKDEL Receptor
UniProt IDP33946
StorageConjugated antibodies should be stored at 4°C
Buffer/PreservativesPBS pH 7.2, 50% glycerol, 0.09% sodium azide *Storage buffer may change when conjugated
Alternative namesERD2 antibody, ERD2.1 antibody, ERD21 antibody, HD
NoteFor research use only
Application notes1 µg/ml was sufficient for detection of KDEL receptor in 20 µg monkey Vero cell lysate by colorimetric immunoblot analysis using Goat Anti-Mouse IgG:AP as the secondary.
Expiration Date12 months from date of receipt.