The Blocking Solution

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Casein based blocker for saturating free binding sites on plastic surfaces or other protein binding surfaces and for minimizing nonspecific binding to surfaces

The Blocking Solution saturates free binding sites on plastic surfaces, membranes or other protein binding surfaces. The Blocking Solution prevents nonspecific binding to surfaces. By incubating the surface with The Blocking Solution (e.g. microtiter plate or western blotting membrane), free spaces on the surface are saturated by the components of The Blocking Solution. This minimizes unwanted binding of the analyte or the detection antibody to the surface and so background can be avoided and sensitivity of the assay can be improved.
The Blocking Solution is based on chemically modified and fragmented highly purified casein.
The Blocking Solution is not comparable to other commercially available or home-made casein based solutions which are produced by just dissolving and filtration of casein.

For general laboratory use


Benefits of The Blocking Solution

Generally speaking, the blocking effectiveness depends on different factors. The more effective the blocker, the more reliable are the results of the assays (even with different specimens). It is important to achieve complete saturation of the surface without any gaps. There should be no exchange reaction between molecules of the blocking layer and the sample matrix.
In addition any interaction of molecules in the blocking layer with the sample matrix should also be prevented. A good blocker can fill even very small gaps and can minimize such interactions.

The Blocking Solution is the premium product of a new class of blockers developed by CANDOR Bioscience. These blockers carry chemical modifications which help to minimize interactions between the blocking layer and the sample matrix.
The Blocking Solution is based on highly purified casein which has been chemically modified. In addition the casein molecules were fragmented in an advanced production process. The specific procedure during fragmentation of the casein molecules results in a wide spectrum of variably sized casein fragments – reproducible from batch to batch.

Due to the variably sized casein fragments, the adsorption efficiency of classic protein-based blockers is combined with a blocking layer of small molecules and maximal density. The mixture of variably sized molecules ensures an extremely dense packing structure of the adsorptive blocking layer. The chemical modification preserves these structures during the assay and minimizes the tendency to interactions. These advantages can be used without changing the blocking procedure. In many assays a reduction of incubation time for blocking can be realized by using The Blocking Solution.

This premium effectiveness can be easily quantified in many cases by measuring the coefficient of variation in actual measurement of specimens (as shown here). For this reason The Blocking Solution is well suited to assays which need high reproducibility and low coefficients of variation. Examples are assays in medical and pharmaceutical research such as assays for pre-clinical and clinical studies, production of high quality diagnostics or measurement of precious specimens.

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